Good fortune played a critical role throughout Fess Parker’s life.  In 1944 while on a weekend furlough from the navy Fess hitchhiked up the California coast and made it as far as Santa Barbara. He vowed to return someday because he thought it was the most beautiful place he’d ever seen.  In 1954 Walt Disney was in search of an actor to play the role of Davy Crockett.  He screened an obscure science fiction movie entitled “Them” and liked what he saw in the newcomer from Texas.  In 1972 Fess had the temerity to negotiate an option on 32 acres of Santa Barbara’s waterfront that would ultimately enable him to explore his more entrepreneurial side.  Even what bad luck he had seemed to have a silver lining. In 1986, having lost his newly renovated home to a landslide, Fess purchased a ranch on Foxen Canyon Road in Los Olivos whereby changing the course of the family’s history by entering into the wine business.  Fess Parker definitely benefited from his share of good fortune over the years, but what made him special was his genuine appreciation for and uncanny ability to capitalize on that good fortune.

First-class hospitality has and always will be at the core of our ventures.

Because working as a family was always a great source of pride for Fess, he would be pleased to see that the second and third generations of Parker’s have inherited his entrepreneurial spirit and are working together, with the same integrity, resourcefulness and good humor that formed the foundation on which the family business was built.